Residence and work permits for foreigners

We help to legalize the stay and work of foreigners from Europe and from around the world. We work with foreigners and entrepreneurs.


Wroclaw Branch

ul. Wybrzeże Juliusza Słowackiego 9, pokój 36, 50-413 Wrocław

+48 513 688 508

Poznan Branch

ul. Święty Marcin 45,
61-806 Poznań

+48 601 259 696

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Specialists in recruiting foreigners

Motli Business Consulting SP. o. o. is a company that provides a wide variety of resettlement services for foreigners coming to Poland. The comprehensive support offered by true professionals in this field is aimed not only at streamlining formal actions and helping to complete the necessary applications, but also at providing the best living conditions on a daily basis. Our specialists know that any procedures related to the employment legalization in Poland and organization of everyday life can be very difficult.

That is why the goal of Motli Business Consulting Sp. o. o. is that each client goes through the process of relocation and adaptation to a new place in the most convenient way. Our offer is addressed to both individual persons and employees. All details are always defined individually, based on the client’s specific requirements and needs.

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Video consultation

You can take advantage of video consultation without leaving home or office. During the meeting, we will try to answer any questions you may have. We do not limit the time of our video call, it will last as long as you need.

How to prepare for a video consultation?
  1. Select a conversation topic:
    (Residence card, work permit, legal stay and legal employment, etc.)
  2. Prepare a list of questions.
  3. If you have any documents on your stay or work, keep them handy (they can be useful during the conversation).
  4. If you have submitted an application to the office and want to get help in completing the case, you should have your passport, application confirmation, correspondence with administration office).
  5. You don’t need to worry about recording our conversation. We will prepare it for you and send it to your email.


+48 513 688 508


+48 601 259 696


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